Jessica Simpson made me buy it.

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  1. Has anyone bought a white MC speedy only because Jessica Simpson made it look so good in her reality show? Had she not owned that bag, I would have never been introduced to Louis Vuitton handbags.
  2. yeah, i bought that bag because of how she talked about it on newlyweds. it was her favorite bag. but i have since sold it, because i kept scratching my boyfriend's car with the hardware on the corners.
  3. YES!!!
  4. I love that bag! It is go beautiful, and I guess I can admit that seeing hers made me want mine more!
  5. Nope. I got the Alma first THEN the Speedy. I loved the line when it came out, the celebrities just gave it more publicity but it didn't affect my decision to get it.
    I had gotten my first 3 LVs the year prior so I began taking more notice of what was in the store and upcoming lines.
  6. my mono speedy! she wears it better than anyone I've ever seen, so I 'had' to get one after I saw pics of her in US w/ it.
  7. Congrats on your new speedy
  8. She also likes her mono speedy 35.....
  9. I wanted the white MC Speedy before I saw Jessica with hers, but seeing her carry it around made me want it even more. I just got one last month & I LOVE it :love:
  10. def made me want one more...i am yet to get it though.
  11. lol..she made me buy the speedy 35. if it wasn't for her I dunno what bag I would've ended up with as my first bag...maybe still the 35!?!?!
  12. She wears the mono speedy so well that I had to have one.
  13. that gurl LVoes her LV's!!!!
  14. i love the speedy...but jessica doesn't inspire me.
  15. No, But i would love to own a MC speedy.