Jessica Simpson Looking Not so Svelte?

  1. In a world of anorexic actresses and singers sometimes it is good to see someone looking "normal". This photo is not so flattering but at least it makes her human! Albeit a little bigger than her normal self.

    Gotta love the spy!
    jessicasimpson.jpg jp.jpg
  2. That SPY is looking HOT!!!:nuts::love:
  3. Still! I wish I looked like her in that photo!
  4. The Spy!!! LOL
  5. I'm not lookin' at her- I want that Spy bag! (droooool)
  6. I think she looks great!! So beautifully natural!
  7. The outfit just didn't suit her body type.
  8. What is that black garbage-bag looking garment she is wearing???
  9. The Spy bag is gorgeous!! That outfit is not right for her at all..
  10. i sitll think although the dress is unflattering that she looks hot!!!
  11. she is cute.
    I do not think she looks too heavy at all
  12. I think it's the dress thats making her look heavy.. she looks great!
  13. I do not see AT ALL where she looks "heavy"..... she looks toned & healthy.
  14. I don't think that dress is very flatering
  15. It's the dress I think. If she's in something else she'd look much slimmer. Wrong dress shape I think.
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