Jessica Simpson looking horrific!!!

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    What happened to Jessica Simpson????

    She looks horrible!
  2. I think that the lighting in the pic is really bad and it makes her hair look kindof green. I wish she would have stuck to the red color it looked great on her.
  3. vbskull - i agree, the red looked better!

    she looks so pale in that pic, she needs to fake tan with having such dark hair!
  4. i think that the picture is taken from a bad angle, bad lighting.
  5. I think shes going thru an "im with john Mayer so I have to be low maintainance" phase.
  6. Very possible!
  7. That is really a poor quality can tell the flash made her face white.
  8. I hate when pics like this are posted and people slam the celeb.
    I don't look ready for photos when I'm hanging out either, especially if I'm caught off guard, in the dark, etc. . . .
    Celebs should be 'allowed' to be 'normal' IMO
  9. Exactly my thoughts.....and I have a lot of these since digital cameras exist !!!

  10. Absolutely.... also the angle the pic was taken.. eek - that poor girl.
  11. Good point, although at the same time we normally only view them all made up/airbrushed/perfect lighting and that's not how they look in reality. I love knowing that they can look like crap when they are not being photographed under perfect conditions...its fantasy.
  12. I too think it's the angle/lighting, but as whole JS seems a lot less attractive (to me) lately. I think she looks best as a blond and other colors make her look drab IMO and a lot older.
  13. As much as I am NOT a fan of JS, I too have to agree that it's just a bad angle/lighting of this pic that makes her look not so great.
  14. Yup. Give her a one looks good during candid shots mid-sentence when your mouth is all twisted up.
  15. I am not a huge fan either. But, she is a very cute girl. I do like seeing pics of stars not looking there best though, makes them more down to earth.