Jessica Simpson Looking a Bit Rough

  1. Shopping in Hollywood

  2. I think she looks best without makeup, actually. But she does need a shower.....
  3. Just looks relatively normal to me!

    Although, she's lying to herself if she truly believes all the restalyne is gone from her lips! LOL!
  4. Definitely seen her looking better, but IMO she's so lovely, she can only look so bad.
  5. Umm..only a bit rough! LOL
  6. She looks like how we would on some days. :yes:
  7. She looks like she just woke up. Still beautiful!
  8. Looks tired but she's still pretty ;)
  9. I think she looks very natural there - love it! Much better than tons of makeup.
  10. That's just what I was thinking
  11. :yes: I think she looks grand too. She has perfect skin
  12. Agree. =)
    Papers said she's injected those stuffs in her lips again.
  13. I look like that every morning! I actually like her better without makeup.
  14. She looks better than I do in the mornings. I hate when paparazzi purposely take bad photos of celebs so the whole world can gawk and laugh at them. What's wrong with not looking like a plastic barbie doll all day long?
  15. I would be looking rough too, if I had to stop having sex with Nick......