Jessica Simpson Leaving The Gym

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  2. she looks like she's in great shape atm:tup:
  3. She's so gorgeous even without makeup. That can't be said about a lot of other celebrities.
  4. BTW, her gym bag (lol) is GORGEOUS!
  5. She has seriously toned up. I agree she looks good without any makeup on.
  6. Funny....everytime I see a pic of Jess, I always expect her to be carrying an LV....
  7. She's had her major bumps but I'm growing to like JS more and more. I think she has a fabulous fashion sense and her inexpensive shoe line is actually really good. Look at her peers and she seems quite normal, KWIM.
  8. Three cheers to Jess...staying in amazing shape, looking beautiful, and seems to have a good head on her shoulders!
  9. She looks great. She's definitely in a good shape.
  10. She looks better w/o much makeup IMO. I don't know why her makeup artists always do dramatic makeup for red carpet events, does not flatter her face at all because she already has pretty strong and beautiful features.
  11. ^^^^
    i agree! she looks so beautiful when she's natural!
  12. She looks great!
  13. is she the queen of yoyo dieting or what? :p She looks great now as compared to when she was with John Mayer. Anyway, she looks good w/o makeup. :thup:
  14. Cute! As always.
  15. Wow....she is the ONLY woman I've ever seen that looks AMAZING coming from the damn gym.....and the bag...stunning! And her calves are sooo