Jessica Simpson leaving club TenJune, 3.10.2007

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  2. I love her dress!!! :nuts:
  3. She is so her.
  4. Love the shoes!
  5. She looks great!
  6. Not a fan of her outfit but she looks pretty!!
  7. I like the dress, lets face it she could wear a sack and still be pretty!
  8. She looks great, but that dress/tunic would look much better with some bottoms like leggins or jeans.
  9. yeah..hehe. true
  10. Not liking this dress, could she push up her boobs any more... maybe to her eyes vs her chin
  11. She is gorgeous and so is her friend. They sure make them pretty down south
  12. Love her, she's so gorgeous! If I had boobies and a bod like that I'd push 'em up to my chin too!
  13. She looks great!!!!
  14. Looking lovely in blue!
  15. She doesn't look good - sorry those huge pushed up balls for boobs and the weird dress isn't working IMO. Love the CL's though!