Jessica Simpson Large Python Handbag

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  1. Anyone know the make of this designer tote she's been carrying around lately? Many Thanks!
  2. do you have a photo?
  3. It's Michael Kors,she talks about it in the new InStyle :smile:
  4. i saw recently she was carrying a bag that was a white snakeskin... but i read it was made especially for her
  5. Thanks for info! You gals are awesome!!
  6. OMG!!! I tore the page out of my Glamour mag of Jessica Simpson with that python bag and I have been trying to find it for days (with no luck). I guess that explains why - that it was special just for her - Dang!!!! Yes, that is the exact bag - the one in the link posted earlier. I wonder who made it....
    I looked at the python bag that is designed by Jessica Simpson and it is very cute, but I am not completely sold on it. It seems a little to plastic ish...
    I want the one in the pic!!!!!!!!!!!:crybaby:
  7. Michael Kors has a bunch of new python bags out for winter. I saw them in Vegas two weeks ago. You should check it out!