Jessica Simpson Is Her Own Best Model :)

  1. Jessica Simpson showed off her most professional model face in these ads for her fall line :tup:

    popsugar 18-08-2007
  2. I think the shots are beautiful, congrats to her:biggrin:
    And.. I love her shoes & bags
  3. I like these pictures!
  4. I actually don't like the black and white one... but the others are nice.
  5. They're not that bad but does anyone else notice that she has the exact same facial expression in each picture?
  6. ^^That is so funny!
  7. This was already posted in another thread.
  8. I find JS so b o r i n g! Sorry to her fans, but I just do not find her interesting.
  9. ^Lol better boring than a wild party girl.

    She looks so pretty in these pics.
  10. Still like them ;)
  11. Her line of shoes are really good. :smile: better quality than u expect really x
  12. She's annoying and not all that pretty.
  13. I like those pictures. In a lot of pics I've seen of her she kind of looks like a man. I mean her face structure. It has this manly look to it. Maybe it was the angles. :shrugs: