Jessica Simpson in short shorts!!!Hot legs!

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    hotttttttt!I love her legs!
  4. she has great legs!
  5. She does have great legs. She looks like she's playing Daisy Duke again.
  6. Hot legs indeed!
  7. she looks amazing! :biggrin:
  8. she is so freakin pretty i can't stand it!
  9. She looks great. She's got gorgeous legs, so toned!
  10. OMG!!!!!!Love love love legs!
  11. That outfit gives me flashbacks of Giligan's Island. Mary Ann anyone?
  12. ^^^ Hhaha you're right Lisa
    I like Jess, she seems like a nice girl!
  13. Damn she has a nice set of legs:drool:
  14. She's got a hooooot legs!
  15. I HATE Her....(not really, just jealous)...She looks amazing!!! I wish I looked that way in short