Jessica Simpson in Aspen

  1. She's got a lot going on here...:shrugs:
    01.jpg 02.jpg
  2. Here is a perfect example of the fashionista axiom: when you are completely dressed and ready, take something off! It's true and here is proof, IMO...
  3. I hate to see women carry their purses in that fashion - with one handle dangling for dear life!!! What a way to abuse a handbag.;) At least she has the funds to buy a new one at a moments notice.
  4. I saw these pictures on Perez and all I could think was "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CLOSE YOUR BAG !!!!"
  5. ^^ totally agree. I can't stand when I see people with their bags hanging open....for some reason it really bothers me :shame:
  6. She's in Aspen and there's snow! She's just bundled up for the cold weather. She has one colored accessory on which is the scarf. The rest of her outfit is plain. I think she looks fine.
  7. I'm not a big fan of her, but I really love her hair here.
  8. Pugsonpurses....;) So right!!!!!
  9. Uff da!
  10. The only thing that shocks me about the pic is that she is alone - where's Ken?
  11. I agree. She needs to close her bag!!
  12. Still love her even though she needs to close her bag.
  13. Ugh... visual overload!!!
  14. ITA with the comments about her bag being open. It's sloppy looking. Besides, she could lose something.
  15. Ouch .. i was forced to carrry my speedy once like that and it hurted me SOO MUCH