Jessica Simpson "Henri" Patent Pumps for $20!

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  1. Just purchased them online! Thank you so much!! I Love these shoes!!!!
  2. They don't have my size. :sad: This is such a great deal.
  3. Wow, that's a huge discount.
  4. They are also coming up on for $20 shipping out of Macys. If Macys is out of your wouldn't hurt to try Amazon.
  5. must...resist...
  6. I just ordered these! Thank you so much for the heads up- its going to make a great pump to wear with jeans this winter! Thanks again!
  7. how is managing in the heel height?
  8. You think they're super comfy? I have some black ones from last year and OUCH!!!!! They're my most painful shoes and I wear heels everyday.

    Also ladies, I think these run 1/2 size small, the ones I have are 1/2 size larger than I normally wear.
  9. Yay, Amazon did have my size in Black, 5.5! I love these shoes.
  10. UGH! Macy's just sold out on me! I'll try amazon.
  11. Darn! I paid $40 at Loehmans for mine. I got a half size up. I think they are comfortable.
  12. I think they are very comfortable. I have those in black and I wear them clubbing all the time.
  13. Wow!thanks
  14. I have a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes and they run true to size for me, but the heels are very hard to walk in. The arch or something is awkward. Pretty though!