Jessica Simpson Having a Meal with John Mayer

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    Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are rekindling their romance and went on a date this past Saturday night.

    Our sources spotted them at the Sunset Marquis hotel in the evening, but Us Weekly now has new information about their romantic date the week before!

    The couple met up for lunch at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe in Malibu on November 12th.

    "She didn't eat much," a witness says. "She drank double vodka cranberries. When they got up, Jessica was rubbing his back. You could definitely tell they were on a date."

    Loose as a goose sipping the Grey Goose!!!

    Mayer left a $40 tip on the $100 bill.

    "She's taking her time with it," a Simpson pal says.

    Adds a Mayer source, "It's a flirtation. I wouldn't call it full-on dating, but there is a fondness. He doesn't like the attention, but he likes her. He wants to avoid the public scrutiny of last time."

    Good luck lovebirds!
  2. if he wants to avoid the public, they shouldn't date in PUBLIC! LMAO!
  3. Hopefully she finds someone and i guess both her and Nick learned to display their relationship to the public.
  4. Hehe, so true!!!
  5. This may sound weird... because I don't really know, but I think he is too good and heart felt of a person for her. I just think of his lyrics and can't imagine her understanding or caring about a guy like that :shrugs:
  6. I agree!!!!
  7. I agree. I just don't get this pairing :shame: . Anyway, nice Speedy, Jess!
  8. I don't think that sounds weird at all... ITA!
  9. All the best to both of them...don't know them and I feel why not wish them the best?
  10. ITA
  11. they dont even look good together..why does it seem that she is so desperate in letting people know she has a new flame..
  12. I watched him on the red carpet at the AMAs last night. I love how he avoided the question about his relationship with her. He smiled and said he's staying true to himself and his music and just out there having fun. Very eloquent about it.
  13. I wondered this the first time 'round, but my husband informed me that he's quite the ladies man? I haven't looked further into it to see whether this is true or not.
  14. Don't think Jess knows what she wants exactly :/ I hope Mayer doesn't get hurt along the way.
    Who knows..maybe it's a good thing. wishing them the best all in all :smile:
  15. eww.. i wouldn't be surprised if she's using him to make herself look more "deep"