jessica simpson handbags

  1. i'm curious to know what you all think of jessica simpson's handbag line. if any of you own one, are they good quality? worth the money? i kind of like some of them even though i never thought i would since i'm not much of a fan of hers. lol.
  2. I don't like her bag line to be honest. Her bags just don't appeal to me in any way. I do, however, like a couple of shoes branded with her name.
  3. To be honest, I would personally be embarrassed to carry a "Jessica Simpson"'s so cheesy....she obviously has only licensed her name to be used ; I doubt she has anything to do with the actual design of the bags. It would make me feel awkward, kind of teenybopper-ish, KWIM? I mean would you carry a Miley Cyrus or Hillary Duff bag? Uh-uh...

    I'm not saying the bags are or are not of poor quality; I just wouldn't carry it with her name attached to it.
  4. ^ Yeah, that too. Hence why I never picked up any of her shoes.
  5. I've noticed a lot of her bags are "quite similar" to designer bags. There's one Marc Jacobs that comes to mind! I'm not really a fan.
  6. I haven't seen her bags...who carrries them...
    I saw her shoes in Nordstroms. The SA who helped me told me that they were not that comfortable.
  7. They do look pretty generic... i'd rather get one that looks similar from a better brand.
  8. I own a pair of her shoes, basic black round toe pumps....OMG I never knew a shoe could hurt so bad. I only wear them if I know I don't have to walk.:cursing:
  9. I bought one from TJ Maxx once. I almost didn't buy it because it had her name on it. Thankfully, it didn't have her name anywhere you could see it! That being said, It was a large hobo with braided straps and braided leather on the sides. It was really a good looking bag, until the strap broke three weeks later!:tdown:
  10. I bought one at Dillards, additional 50% off of 75% off. Since it was cute and cheap, I ignored the JS branding. That said, it seems to be well made and of good quality leather. It is very heavy for its size.
  11. i think it is silly not to get a bag because it might be "too teeny bopperish". if you like the bag and think it is of good quality, you should get it! i personally am not a fan of jessica simpson either, but i think the fact that her ballet flat was the most bought shoe in America in 2006 is saying something and that her brand is probably not just for tweens. it's not like the bag has a huge "JESSICA SIMPSON" written across it, so i think you should go for it!
  12. I've only seen one IRL, and I wasn't too impressed by it. It looked a bit cheaply made in my opinion. Then again, I am so accustomed to carrying LV and other high end designers that I tend to scrutinize the quality of things more heavily than the average person. The tiniest stitch out of place will make me declare a product total junk.

  13. I agree to "go for it!"...and just reading a few of the entries on this topic...when did everyone start hating Jessica so much? Am I the only one who still likes her?? :confused1:
  14. ^^^ I don't mind her, I just don't think I would carry her bag unless it was of exceptional quality and non-descript.

    I did buy a pair of her shoes that I needed for a specific outfit that I was wearing that night and didn't have time to wait for an order to come in. I cannot explain how uncomfortable they were and I don't mean like Jimmy Choo "uncomfortable b/c I'm damn near 6 inches in the air uncomfortable." Her brand was just like wrapping hard wood and heavy hard plasictic around your foot. I had them on 5 min and told DH, "I don't know if I'm going to make it." LOL And thats coming from someone who's used to stiletos and the "un"comfort that sometimes comes with sky high heels.
  15. I can definitely vouch for her very cute shoes, but not familiar w/ her bags.