Jessica Simpson Handbags on Zappos...Thoughts?

  1. For anyone who's interested...her handbags are now available through I'm not sure what I think of them...they seem a little pricey for what you get...thoughts??:jammin:

    Here are a couple of pics...the first one is $271.95 and the second is 301.95. I also included pics of her carrying the brown one.
    271.95.jpg 301.95.jpg 03.jpg
  2. Your paying for her name. I would bet the quality isnt going to be there, or will her line of bags after a year.
  3. Do you know what the quality's like? Doesn't look too hot to me... :shrugs:

  4. HeHeHe, you beat me to it! :yes: :lol:
  5. My thoughts exactly ladies...they are cute...but the quality looks to be lacking and I'm sorry but I'm not looking to pay to be Jessica Simpson!!

    Does anyone out there own one of these bags? They looks sort of stiff and shiny in the pics...I wonder how the leather feels...:shrugs:
  6. I don't like Jessica Simpson, so maybe I shouldn't even comment on her bag line. However, the bags strike me as being rather generic looking. They look like all the other mass-produced department store handbags. Also, they didn't look too well-made in some of close up photos on Zappos. I think I'd rather take my $200-$300 to Coach, and buy a bag there.
  7. I've heard mixed opinions of her bags...some people have said they are cute & nice leather etc but the majority have said that they are stiff hard leather and not worth the money. I do like the bags but doubt I'll get one after what I've heard and b/c of the price etc also I can't even return them from here. Also I like soft leathers..I hate cheap quality leather.

    Lol I love this smiley:shrugs: .
  8. i am probably not gonna be supporting her new endeavor.., hehe.. i am taking my money elsewhere.. lol lol
  9. i think the bags look kinda cute.. i wouldn't pay more than $150 for her products though.
  10. I'd rather buy a used LV- at least it would keep it's value after a few months.
  11. very $$ for her name.
  12. Jessica Simpson is an entertainer....not a designer. I wish these celebs would keep their personal taste in bags, perfumes, clothing, politics, etc. to themselves and just, you know, shut up and sing, or whatever. Sheesh! (That goes double for REALLY useless celebs like Paris Hilton...minus the shut-up-and-sing part)
  13. I think they are overpriced and don't look very original or inspired.
  14. Looks like a TJ Maxx cheap bag to me. Sorry, I love Jessica but the bag... no. You're paying for her to buy more LVs, Jimmy Choos, and that nice ride she's getting into.
  15. Let me also add that she's actually 'using' the bags in public because of lawsuits that she has had to face for failing to do so in the past with her clothing line ("Princy", remeber that one?), and for not paying for the first lot of cosmetics that she sold under her name (remember "Dessert" beauty...that's gone too). It's terrible, but I guess that is what happens when you try to expand your empire too fast. Now the Princy clothing is at Ross and TJ Maxx along with Dessert beauty products. I guess she FINALLY figured out the fact that if she's seen with the bag for 2 seconds of her life, people will buy out the store.