Jessica Simpson Going Country

  1. Jessica Simpson's singing career doesn't seem to be doing so well, maybe that's why she is going to change things up and go country for her next album.
    The singer is "talking about doing a country record and going back to her roots, being from Texas," papa Joe told People Magazine at Hard Rock Hotel's Rolling Stone party in Las Vegas.
    "Everything in our business is about beats and I think she really wants to sing," he said, "and country music still believes in that."
    Jessica might actually be onto something. I think she will be a better country singer than a pop singer. There's something about Jess that isn't so pop.

  2. I think she'll succeed. It's definitely her style :smile:
  3. Oh dear. Whyyyy? I am definitely not a fan of country music, but a fan of Jessica.
  4. She has such a beautiful voice and I hope she does well.
  5. I think she has more of a country music voice than a pop voice...I think she will do well. I'd probably buy the CD.
  6. I hope she does well. It's great to want to explore new avenues and she definitely has some Country in her!
  7. I was thinking the same. I love country music, anyhow; so, I'd buy her album :tup:
  8. She'll make a good country singer, I can't wait to see what she does!

  9. I totally agree...I don't like country at all, but I might have to listen if Jess really makes a country album...who knows
  10. I think she would make a great country singer. She has that vibe going on. I hope she makes it!
  11. I think she's doing the right thing.
  12. I like Jess, but not as a singer. Don't think I would like her doing country either.
  13. I think she will do great. She has a beautiful voice!
  14. I can definitely see her doing some country music....
  15. I think she has a great voice though I am not a fan. I do like her though. I think I appreciate more than anything that she tries to stick to her values and doesn't come out of any clubs stumbling drunk without her panties.