Jessica Simpson - Costume Institute Benefit Gala

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  2. I think she looks gorgeous!
  3. is she almost physically unable to smile now?
    I rarely see her smile and to me it's when she looks her best.
    "Serious Jessica" isn't authentic to me for some reason.

  4. I agree.
  5. It's like she is trying to hard to be sultry.

  6. I think it's the worst she looked in a very long time. Lately I really love her casual style and I think she looks really great with brown hair, but here she looks ridiculous, like she was trying too hard. Her skin is waaay to dark, it looks very unnatural and especially with this colour of the dress. I'm not a big fan of her make-up either.
  7. I think she looks amazing as usual...but as swanky said, she looks sooo much better when she's smiling!! I loved her more carefree attitude.
  8. i don't think this is her best look... i don't really like anything about it
  9. To me she looks like a tranny. . . . . . . . . . sorry
  10. I haven't liked her "look" for awhile now. Strange skin tone and something odd about her lips? What image is she trying to project, because she looks kind of trashy to me. JMO.
  11. I think she is a very beautiful girl but..
    here she just looks like stripper's night out.
  12. definitely not her best look...that dress is not made for someone with her cup size! Her lips are definitely bugging me too!!
  13. could her dress be any tighter/smaller? This is not a great look for her, IMO.
  14. She definitely looks stunning and gorgeous.

    But she doesn't look like her natural self and a tad too much boobage. Less is classier!
  15. The Costume Institute Gala is supposed to be a high fashion/classy event and her outfit esp. the major cleavage looked out of place. In terms of coloring, I think she and Cameron Diaz still look better as blondes.