Jessica Simpson Candids

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  2. The shoes seem to be too small and I definitely don't like her with this make-up.
  3. Exactly.:yes:
  4. Yeah, she always looked better more natural to me. When they were on the show Newlyweds and she would have barely any makeup on, and a pony tail she looked gorgeous to me.
  5. She is looks like she is a Cleveland native in that hair, outfit and makeup. I know, I live here. All she needs is a riveted belt, but who knows, maybe she is wearing one.
  6. The only thing I like is her watch!!
  7. I love her bag and the scarf that she put around it. Really cute!
  8. I like her bag too. Anyone know what that is? It looks kinda like Rebecca Minkoff.
  9. I like the Stephen Sprouse Scarf by LV and the bag also - does anyone know who makes it?
  10. I agree about the makeup - less is more!
  11. i totally wouldnt be surprised if jess is a PF member!!
  12. its the Matinee bag by Rebecca Minkoff. seems like this bag is really catching on with the celebs!
  13. Not great but I do love the LV scarf
  14. I think she looks great. I think she was going for a good night time look. And I think she can pull it off. Not too many can. I also love her bag. Yup, it's an Rebecca Minkoff! I like it, but I still like the Morning After bag in Chocolate much better. Not too crazy about that color. But as a whole, I think she looks pretty as usual.
  15. That would be awesome! I'd love to talk to her about her great style and gorgeous handbags some time!!!! I wonder how many she rarely see her carrying the same one. Well, her speedy, maybe, but that's about it.