Jessica Simpson Belina Flats $25!!

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  1. thanks for posting
  2. I am shock, I went shopping today....and saw some nice things by her.
  3. thanks! I could definitely use some cheap flats.
  4. Here are some coupon codes from another thread:
    Coupon codes:

    1) REDACCEPT for $10 off $75 or more

    2) SG7932CXPT for 10% off (any price I think)

    I am using the second one to order 2 pairs. It lowered shipping costs and gave me 10% off.
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  5. They are popping up as 34.50 for me? :confused1:
  6. Oh no...I think they raised the prices back up. Sorry you missed out...that's too bad!
  7. that sucks...I also got it for 25.
  8. Oh well, maybe next time!