Jessica Simpson at Operation Smile 25th Anniversary Gala in Beverly Hills

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  2. She looks very pretty - love the hair.
  3. Wow!

    She's looking pretty fab at the moment
  4. Love that adorable clutch!! anyone know which designer that is?
  5. She looks, beautiful!

    The clutch appears to be a Bottega Veneta. They are called knot clutches and come in a variety of combinations. A true classic!
  6. [​IMG]
  7. looks good.
  8. She looks gorgeous!!! I like her with less makeup on!!
  9. Aww....she is so gorgeous...always! :girlsigh:

    Thanks for posting, LaLohan!
  10. You're welcome! ;)
  11. she looks gorgeous with the more natural make-up!

    love the nude shoes, and her hair looks so pretty!
  12. she looks gorgeous!!
  13. love love love the hair...she looks fantastic!
  14. very cute!