Jessica Simpson at Employee of the Month Premier

  1. [​IMG]

    I think she looks best with minimal makeup (and stop with those injections already...). How about you guys??
  2. She looks horrible!
  3. I will continue to say this, Jessica does not know how to dress! She may wear designer clothes (and some are actually wearable and stylish) the problem is with they way she wears the clothes! I think that she tries too hard and over does it! If she wore just a few of those pieces she is wearing in the picture and wore them with something else perhaps? I think she would have better results! I wonder who is advising her because she needs help!
  4. I think she looks horrible in these pictures!!
  5. Mmmm... definitely not her best look...
  6. I like her hair longer, for a split second it looked like faith hill in the 1st pic... but faith hill is pretty lol... as is jessica but not in those pics lol
  7. I am so glad you all didn't critique me when I was 25!
  8. She looks older than 25.
  9. what the hell happened to her? She used to be drop dead gorgeous.
  10. I think she looks pretty but the sparkle in her eye is gone since she got divorced. She just looks tired to me.
  11. You read my mind!:lol:
  12. My thoughts exactly!!! :wtf:
  13. She's wearing way too much makeup...she used to look so pretty and natural.:sad: And why the necklace? :confused1:
  14. I think she's just adorable!
  15. omgosh she looks like a 40yr old street walker :wondering like how they dress on tv for those cold nites!