Jessica Simpson and LV

  1. So we all know very well that Jessica Simpson has a rather large LV collection and loves to show it off. Anybody wonder why they haven't chosen her as a spokesperson? Is it a personal thing? An oversight? Just not the right image for the company? I could imagine now with her own bag line that she won't be as much in public with her LV's. Anobody know anything?
  2. I would stop buying LV if Jessica ever became spokesperson for LV. I really don't like her... :s

    IMHO: Just because someone has a significant amount of LV, doesn't really mean they should be considered as a spokesperson. :smile: [Not trying to offend or "hate" on anybody, just giving my honest opinion. ;)]
  3. I suspect she was practically a spokesperson with her shopping at LV on that show she had with husband #1.
    Plus she's always being photographed with the bags.
    I think maybe she does not have an international appeal/face...She really hasn't had a big movies....
  4. :shrugs: Victoria Beckham, Kimora Lee and so on have LV collections, but they haven't been chosen either.
  5. the rumour around lindsey lohan being the LV ad girl and then being cancelled was because she was too american and not right for the global brand I guess jessica would fall under this too
  6. OT: I would love to see VB in an ad.
  7. Thank god for that!!
  8. I think uma thurman would be the perfect candidate
  9. kimora lee's collection is amazing!!!
  10. ^ Hadn't thought of Kimora, but again the baby phat purse line could be conflict of interest.

    If VB posed it'd be awesome.

    BTW I don't like Jessica either
  11. Umm, Uma was a spokeperson....

    I think with Jessica and the others I think LV figures they carry so much stuff they already get free advertising why pay
  12. I know it's all a matter of preference, but I don't think Jessica has the "face" for LV (I'm probably the only person who thinks she looks like a man!). Normally, when I think of an LV spokesperson (or any other luxury brand), I think of someone with an exotic, sophisticated beauty...Jessica looks too all-American to me, and I probably wouldn't take LV seriously after that.

    You know...I never really liked Jessica, either. I have my reasons, but I'd rather not explicate them here.
  13. I would LOVE to see Kimora Lee as a spokesperson -- I can imagine her beating some chick down with her Alma ...hehehehe
  14. I don't think Jessica Simpson, Kimora Lee Simmons, or Lindsay Lohan have enough class to be advertising a luxury brand such as LV.
  15. I can't wait for madonna's ads!