Jessica Simpson And John Mayer Split

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  1. [​IMG]
    Jessica Simpson and John Mayer have split, sources close to the couple have confirmed.

    Mayer, 29, was the one who reportedly pulled the plug on the pair’s 9-month-long relationship this past weekend. The couple last stepped out together at the Costume Institute Gala in NYC earlier this month.

    Jessica , 26, was last spotted at the Nike party on Thursday night in Cannes, France.

    Halfway around the world, rumored ex-beau John Mayer partied through the wee hours of the night at NYC’s Stereo nightclub, where DJ AM was spinning.

    Mayer stood sandwiched between club owner Michael Satsky and comedian Sherrod Small most of the night, chatting occasionally with one brunette lady friend.
    He looked extremely happy partying like he was single,” said one Stereo clubgoer. “And there was one woman who looked overly friendly.”
  2. I saw it coming.
  3. How can you split if you were never a real couple to begin with?:shrugs: Oh, Jessica! Go buy another bag.
  4. ^lol!
  5. Haha! Good one! :roflmfao:
  6. ROTL i feel bad for that girl he was such a doofus though she can do better.
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^:roflmfao:^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  8. Oh well...
  9. not surprised, once her dad speaks out on she is married to or dating I noticed things go down hill.
  10. They were kind of odd together anyway.
  11. Me too.
  12. Rebound guy. Her hair will be back to blonde soon!:nuts:
  13. i only hope this doesn't drive her to more plastic surgery:sthose lip injections after nick were freaky
  14. I didn't like them together either!
  15. oh so sad....not