Jessica Simpson and her clothing line

  1. "Jessica Simpson has been sued for failing to properly endorse her low priced apparel and jean lines. The $100 million dollar lawsuit alleges that Jessica refused to be photographed wearing items from her JS and Princy collections. In December 2004 the pop star signed a three year multimillion licensing deal, but according to the lawsuit Simpson was not "actively involved" in promoting the clothing and failed to wear the collection at "public events, shows, and appearances" whenever "reasonably practicable." The Tarrant Apparel Group also noted that when Jessica was asked by the media to name her favorite jeans she picked True Religion ($250+) brand as opposed to her own Princy ($60 sale $29.99) line.

    They already gave up $2.2 million in licensing fees and they still have $ 6 million to shell out. TSG"

    Why did she start her own clothing like if she wasn't going to wear anything from it? Yes, she can afford the more expensive stuff but shouldn't her clothing represent herself in some ways?

    I am not a big fan of J.Lo but she does a good job with her clothing line. She knows what is being designed and actually wears her stuff and makes it look HOT! She once said that she would never make anything that she wouldn't wear herself. I like that.
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  2. ^^^I can't blame her for not wearing it. I saw some of her stuff online and it was ugly and overpriced. She also made s cellphone civer a friend had and it was just LOUD.
  3. an obligation is an obligation. That what a contract is.

    If she signed one and expected to be paid from it, she needs to pull "her share of the work".

    It's called being responsible. But the rich can "afford" (a pun, ha! ha!) to be irresponsible for their actions and commitments.

    We'll see what happens! Thanks for sharing this likeafeather! :smile: It was interesting. But I'm afraid not surprising coming from her.
  4. When it comes to Jessica, nothing surprises me. I'm sure the clothing line was just another one of her money hungry father's ideas.
  5. thats their side, there are always two sides.
  6. im sure there is another side to the story, she is in hot supply so im sure she wouldnt do anything to upset anyone!
  7. She did have plus sized jeans under her name sold at Avenue stores.

    I just realized - if this lawsuit goes through Nick might not be getting the money he is expecting from the divorce :smile: Or maybe it is a conspiracy by the Simpson clan to tie up her assets in litigation so that Nick can't get at them :smile:
  8. Thats very interesting to see about her. I agree about there's two sides to every story but if you are going to make clothes you should wear them. Beyonce wears what her mom makes and Gwen Stefani wears what she makes. If you want to do well you should promote what you are doing.
  9. She probably should have worn it, because it is doing HORRIBLE now. I saw her Princy line at the RAVE, which is a teen store cheaper than 579, Rainbow, etc. Her jeans were around $25, and shirts and stuff cheaper. I also saw her other jeans brand at TJ Maxx on clearance for around $15. The companies have to sue her now to get back the money that is getting drained down the toilet now that its not selling.
  10. Well that doesn't surprise me but and if she actually cared about clothing line, cheap or not, she would wear it to market it. Looks like another one of Daddy's ideas...
  11. i think it's sad that she couldn't be "bothered" to hold up her end of the deal. heck she hasn't even been wearing her shoe line from what i've seen. i think that if you're going to attach your name to something and the deal is that you have to wear/promote it make sure it is something that you can and would wear/buy or else don't sign on the dotted line so to speak!
  12. I am sorry to all the fans of JS but she truly is a money hungry idiot who would slap her name on ANYTHING in order to get paid! I hope she loses this lawsuit! That will teach her a good lesson! I am curious to see what excuse her pimp/daddy has this time. I believe "acid reflux" is already taken by her sister.:lol:
  13. lol. I agree.
  14. This could be a publicity stunt to get people to look into her products...and also, we should remember there are always two sides to a story