Jessica Simpson and her bag

  1. Is this bag a LV bag?

    I love it! What do you think?
    jessicasbarneys1.jpg jessicasbarneys3.jpg jessicasbarneys2.jpg
  2. Yes its an lv bag not 100% sure of the name.. Waltz something.

    Otherwise YES I love the bag, very cute and dressy :smile:

  3. I love the bag and the jacket.:love:
  4. Yes it's LV, Waltz Dora with ostrich trim came out winter 2005 I think.
  5. It's the macha waltz bag, I have one and it is PRECIOUS. I have pictures in my bag showcase
  6. ya.. it's gorgeous. oprah got one when marc was on her show. *drool* at the ostritch! i heart accents of ostritch like that.
  7. You should let me babysit her some day, I promise to bring her back........EVENTUALLY!:nuts:
  8. Will you be getting it??! I saw a lady with that while shopping at coach it's a very pretty bag! Do they have diff size? The one I saw I thin is bigger than the one Jessica has.
  9. Pursegenie: :biggrin::biggrin: He he...Sure if I'm ever in need of a baby sitter I know who to call.....she has been quite a good little handbag:love::love:

    Everevereve: yes oprah got the bigger version, it is called the oskar. THere is a picture of the bag with namoi campbell in the celbs w/ LV thread:biggrin:
  10. How much is this bag - does anyone know
  11. LOL I was about to say that too!
  12. I like her jeans, anyone know what kind they are ?
  13. Haha I was just thinking, those are my jeans! They are True Religions in the stlye "Joey" My absolute favorite pair of jeans ever! Comes HIGHLY recommended! They are a perfect fit & soo comfortable! Very nice looking on too (as you can see on jessica!) I always get comments on them. Sorry, you probly didn't want that much information, I just LOVE these jeans!
  14. Awesome, thanks for that info.. i'm going to look those up.
  15. Is it the same bag that Marc Jacob gave Oprah on her show?
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