Jessica Seinfeld's thank you gift to Oprah...

  1. did anyone see Oprah yesterday? Jerry Seinfeld was on promoting his "Bee Movie"

    Anyway after Jessica Seinfeld appeared on Oprah's show last week her cook book went to number one. So Jessica and Jerry thanked shoe fanatic Oprah with 21 pairs of Christian Louboutins!!! :wtf: Thats a $20k thank you gift! Just insane!

    ahh to be rich :girlsigh:
  2. Yes! Oprah had on the glitter ones yesterday. I couldn't keep my eyes off of them. I can't wait to see that movie.
  3. Krud! I didn't see it! The idea of getting 21 pairs of new Louboutins AT ONCE is so damn exciting, and I think that goes for everyone, not just Oprah. *sigh* Can you imagine the crazy, dizzying euphoria? :girlsigh:
  4. I saw it. They looked like all Louboutins. Why 21 pair?? Not 25 or 20.
  5. Wow! I can't access the link now, but I can't wait to see it at home. That is a lovely gift that any lady would love to get.
    It must be nice to be rich.
  6. I agree. Can you imagine: seinfeld's assistant calls up oprah's assistant and asks what size CLs she wears.
  7. If you freeze the part that shows the closet there are some pairs that are not Louboutin and some that are. So maybe not all 21 are Louboutin...
  8. yeah, they're not all Louboutins, i saw some animal print flats as well. seriously, it's so insane.
  9. Leave it to oprah to brag about her frigging shoes... she loves to show off the latest crap she bought or recieved.
  10. OMG i want a friend like that
  11. Those shoes were HOT!!! I love the ones Oprah's wearing.
  12. Holy cow! Major jealousy ... what a fab gift!
  13. i know i love those glittery one ugh so lucky!
  14. damn! that's pretty damn nice of JS.