Jessica Seinfeld Sued Over Stolen Cookbook

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  1. I saw this one coming.
  2. ^^ do you have an article?
  3. Same here!

    Some of her recipes were EXACTLY the same and it's not like it's a Betty Crocker mainstream kind of cookbook. I had never heard of a hide vegetable puree in your kids' food so they'll actually eat it cookbook until The Sneaky Chef, which is what she allegedly plagiarized. It's nothing against her personally; I just believe she's in the wrong here. Good for her for publishing a cookbook, but she should have been more careful about the content...
  4. They had a little write-up about this in the Washington Post this morning. IDK, the whole idea of putting vegetables in brownies and stuff grosses me out. I'd rather not be sneaky with kids either, but that's just me.:shrugs:
  5. ^ I agree.

    I think this method teaches kids unhealthy eating habits. Most of her recipes are just healthier versions of REALLY junky foods. I feel like it's essentially teaching kids that: A) veggies are bad and B) junk food is normal/good/should be eaten all the time...
  6. That's how I feel. Plus, I don't like lying for any reason. :s
  7. I say good for her...I do think it is absolutely plagerism.

    I said it before, I personally do not think much of the idea. I would rather teach my kids to eat properly, which they do....but even a bad idea shouldn't be stolen. Even the titles are similar; The Sneaky Chef and Deceptively Delicious. She should be sued as well as the publishing company.
  8. I would never sneak a good food into something not so good (health wise). I enjoy teaching my kids what great nutrition is all about. Shame on JS.
  9. How could she be that dumb to copy the recipes exactly and think no one would find out? My 8th grade teacher could catch someone plagiarizing a paper from the internet. She deserves whatever she gets.
  10. She's a moron.
  11. OT, but I vaguely remember she was married to someone else for a short time when she met Jerry Seinfeld at a gym. She divorced the guy and married him.
  12. I just read the article... I think it's ridiculous that Jerry is being sued for defamation of character! He's a comedian and he was just trying to be funny while defending his wife. His comments were clearly made in jest during an interview with David Letterman. I still think his wife was wrong (and SHOULD be sued), but I don't think he needs to be dragged into it. That just makes Lapine (author of The Sneaky Chef) seem desperate and vindictive IMO :shrugs:
  13. Yes, she was married to a guy who's family owns some ball team. Very jewish name, very wealthy.
    They had just got back from their honeymoon when she met Jerry at the gym.
    And her PR person says she is above reproach. :lol:
  14. Totally agree - kids pick things up really easily and will push whatever limits you set (or don't set!). I think cookbooks like these are sometimes aimed at parents with bad/lazy eating habits...