Jessica Seinfeld Cookbook!

  1. Did anyone see Oprah today? I am so excited to get Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook!
  2. I read about that!

    Hiding healthy foods in other foods is very clever!
  3. I saw that on Oprah - I'd like some other people like me (who really do hate veggies) to try out some of the recipes and let me know what they REALLY think about the taste!
  4. Ladies you might want to check out today's (10/19) since another author and publishing company are claiming PLAGERISM and boy do they have good examples! The point is that because Jessica is a celebrity wife she got published but when the same cookbook by this other woman was offered to the same publishing company earlier they turned it down!
  5. This is a review from I didn't realize there was already a book JUST like this one!:

    We dont care who did it first, the Sneaky Chef is the one that works., October 8, 2007
    This weekend 7 friends and I got together to compare recipes from The Sneaky Chef(TSC) and Deceptively Delicious(DD). Our primary loyalty is to our kids and getting good food into them. We don't really care who did it first, just what works. We've been successfully sneaking for months and need more recipes now, so we were eagerly awaiting the release of Deceptively Delicious.

    We chose six duplicate recipes from each book (12 total) and did double-blind (where neither the server nor the child knows which is which-only the cook keeps track) side by side taste tests. The whole process took all day Sunday. We chose to make mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, peanut butter & jelly muffins, brownies, chicken nuggets and meat loaf.

    Summary: For one reason or another, kids clearly preferred the recipes from TSC. The main reasons seemed to be that DD's were too sophisticated in flavors and the textures were off. The cooks felt that TSC was more geared towards kids' tastes, especially where picky eaters are concerned, and addressed the needs of the cook better. Roughly half of the recipes in Deceptively Delicious are the same as in The Sneaky Chef, which was disappointing since we're starved ; ) for new recipes at this point.

    The following are the detailed results:

    Mashed Potatoes: Kids' preference: TSC. Main reason: "Creamier." DD was called "watery" by most kids. Cooks found both recipes easy to make and would do so regularly.

    Mac n cheese: Kids' unanimous preference: TSC. Main reason: "the same as they're used to." Kids rejected DD version as "adult food" and would not eat it. Cooks' also preferred TSC. Reasons: DD has too many ingredients, is too expensive and time consuming to make regularly.

    Peanut Butter & Jelly Muffins: Kids' preference: none. A clear tie. This was probably due to the dominating peanut butter flavor in both recipes. Kids did prefer the appearance of DD, though, as the jelly was visible on top of the muffin and TSC is hidden inside.

    Brownies: Kids' unanimous preference: TSC. Main reason: DD had a slightly bitter to some kids but all found the texture "too pasty." Cooks found both recipes easy to make and would do so regularly.

    Chicken Nuggets: Kids preferred TSC overall. Main objection to DD: "too spicy and mushy." Cooks' also preferred TSC. Reasons: DD has too many ingredients and the flax meal contributed to the too-soft texture.

    Meat Loaf: Kids unanimously preferred TSC. Unanimous objection to DD: "too spicy and mushy." Cooks' unanimously preferred TSC for texture and flavor.

    Note: The layout in DD is more clear and concise, and having the photos next to the recipes is also very helpful. TSC would take a lesson here.

    Finally, we hope that many more authors get on this sneaky bandwagon-we need more recipes!
  6. They had a article in todays paper about how this other woman was saying her stuff was copied. And there seemed to be too many examples of the same food. I mean how many people are going to come up with spinach brownies????? I really think having a big name push a book works better than a no name. I also find it hard that Jessica is the type of woman who sat in her kitchen and came up with all this food. I mean is it normal for someone like her to want to publish a cookbook? Seems a bit odd. But her name will sell it. I feel sorry for the other woman. Her book was turned down and now this one gets published with almost the exact foods.
  7. ^^ Oprah helped a lot too. I'm sure JS is #1 in bestsellers because of the Oprah-effect.

    I agree, the spinach brownies thing is an absurd example. I refuse to believe JS came up with that on her own, without the help of the other lady's book and private chefs whipping it up.
  8. Yeah I read that Jessica sent Oprah 21 pairs of shoes when her cookbook went #1 in sales after she appeared on the show.
    After watching though, I was definately interested in trying those chocolate chip cookies. If it could fool those children into eating it, I'm sure it would work for me!
  9. Why would she do this though? I can't really see someone like her wanting to plagerize a cookbook??? Its not like she needs the money. On a side note, I really want the cookbook and its sold out everywhere! I went the day after it came out. Does anyone have any secret sources? Everyone on eBay is selling backordered copies. I wonder if it will be pulled from publishing?
  10. I have no idea whether she plagerized it or not, the idea of the cookbook sounds interesting. If she did, shame on her, her husband is already worth millions she doesnt need the money.
  11. Thanks for the info on the sneaky chef. I will try to do some research to see which has more value. But since I am an asian, I doubt if I use much of the recipes because my hubby and my daughters (7,6 and 3++) much prefer our Malaysian dishes. However my daughers love pizza and spaghetti though!
  12. Ok, I am going to be a bit of a wet blanket here...sorry...while a cute idea....the better thing to do is actually expose your kids to and teach them to eat healthy food. :shrugs:

    Kids will try and eat most foods, you just have to teach them. My kids eat everything from veggies to seafood, pretty much anything. If you expose kids to a wide variety of food early the will learn to try anything, because they may like it.

  13. I agree!

    I didn't see her on Oprah, but I read her cookbook today and I wasn't impressed. She basically purees all sorts of vegetables (mostly cauliflower) and adds 2 Tablespoons- 1/2 cup of puree to lowfat recipes. Ok, so you're adding some nutrients, but that small amount of puree is divided amongst 4-12 servings depending on the dish.
    I understand that some kids refuse to eat vegetables, but nutritionwise you're better off if you can get your kid to *actually eat* a fruit or vegetable. You really don't gain much from a teaspoon of cooked vegetable puree! It's a good idea in theory, but it doesn't seem worth the hassle to me...