Jessica Seinfeld boots

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  1. Can anyone ID the boots. Thanks!
    image-2700574212.jpg image-3152767395.jpg image-2832786451.jpg image-968966185.jpg image-395009830.jpg image-589376649.jpg image-79064943.jpg image-3831718551.jpg
  2. Don't know about the boots, but I really like her style.
  3. Can anyone ID the boots. I'm thinking perhaps she is wearing 2 different boots. Some of the pics look like a different pair.
  4. Bump
  5. they are chanel
  6. Thank you! Are they this season do you know?
  7. they do similar ones every few seasons i don't know the exact season these are from
  8. Thank you so much.
  9. I found the black and purchased them. Thank you though for posting these.