jessica s in santa monica resturant

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  2. I'm sorry but she needs to stop dressing herself or hire a new stylist, am I the only one that thinks she really can't put two pieces together?!?!
  3. jess doesn't look too happy in those pics. I wonder if she misses Nick. I wish nick would loose that vanessa and get back with Jess.
  4. It would be nice it they could reunite. ^^
  5. How are these celebs not fat, going out to eat every day?
  6. aww :sad:
    I'm not really a fan of hers, but I can definitely say, she looks better than I do when I run out for a quick bite to eat.
    Often I'm in gym clothes, this poor girl has to parttially fix herself up or else endure the wrath of millions of critical eyes.
    She looks fine IMO and much better than me usually! LOL!
  7. I'm with you on this one!! Sometimes I run out in sweat pants to grab some food or a quick coffee or something and I don't look half as good as she does here.
  8. and can you imagine a swarm of photographers waiting for you!?
    YIKES! Then your photo is printed and you're slammed. . . for being normal! LOL!
    No thanks!
  9. ^ agreed! Its actually nice she doesn't much care about being glammed up every time she walks out the door.
  10. she looks fine IMO ...

    i like her bag .. is it balenciga?
  11. who designed the bag?
  12. her bag is cute!!
  13. yeah, love her bag too!
  14. she doesn't look that bad. i look worse going to school!! i'm not the kind of person to wear a full mask of makeup and dress up just to get the mail or go get groceries. i think she looks fine