Jessica Pinpoints When Marrige Ended: Jane Magazine

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    Jessica Simpson says she realized that her marriage to Nick Lachey was over when he opted out of accompanying her to Africa on a charity trip in October 2005.

    "I went there on our three-year wedding anniversary," she tells Jane magazine for its November issue. "He stayed home"

    Simpson was part of a travel contingent representing Operation Smile, a not-for-profit, volunteer medical services organization that provides reconstructive facial surgery to indigent children in remote areas.

    Although Simpson and Lachey had both been presented with the organization's Universal Smile Award at a Los Angeles Gala, Simpson ended up traveling to Nakuru, Kenya, with hairdresser Ken Paves, friend Cacee Cobb and her manger-father, Joe Simpson.

    Once in Africa, according to the official Operation Smile Web site, Simpson aided the volunteer team with the medical evaluations of more than 280 patients and gave out gifts and spread cheer to the kids as they awaited their medical procedures.

    [​IMG]Simpson, 26, says the trip changed her life. "On that day, everything became so clear. I was in hospitals with all these sick kids," she says. "I just knew I needed to find something more in my life, on my own."

    She and Lachey separated in November 2005.
  2. thats CRAP!11 oh he didnt go with her so its over? shes just trying to show herself in a better light tahts all
  3. I find this all very sad.

    They were both young and probably moving in different directions. They really needed to focus on themselves and not so much on other things going on in their lives. To make a marriage work the two have to be the prime focus. They obviously realized that way too late to correct it and make a difference in their relationship. Instead of growing stronger, they moved apart!

    You have to grow up sometime...a relationship is work and it isn't all fun and games.
  4. There's obviously other problems in their marriage that had occur before her trip in Oct 2005 for them to finally separate just a month later in Nov 2005. He probably did want to accompany her, not because he didn't believe in the cause, but because of their problems in their marriage. He seems to me a very private person and she seems to like being on spot light, so to him dealing with their problems in public is not something he wants to do nor pretend that everything is AOK when it's not, which is probably why he opted out, IMO.:smile:
  5. i wish they get back together:sad:
  6. She lives in such a bubble she has no idea what reality is. What a stupied thing to say! IMHO she is all about herself and maybe when she's older she will realize that there are other people living in this world too besides herself.
  7. I think she is starting to realize now that marriage is work and no one is perfect. Everything she thought would happen after she dumped Nick isn't happening and I am sure that is a tough position to be in. I am just astonished that her parents didn't encourage her to work at it. Stop being her manager and parent.
  8. OK.

    As I've said previously, I don't follow celebrities much; so I may have missed some important info on their relationship (or its breakup).

    However, I have watched quite a few Newlyweds episodes and I have to say that although Jessica didn't come across as the sharpest tool in the box; Nick came across as unpleasant, critical, selfish and bad tempered, to me.

    He always seemed to be putting Jessica down and I remember, on a camping trip they took, him calling a passing man a 'bear'; well within his earshot and on camera. I remember thinking; 'Whoa! If he'll behave like that on camera, what does he do in private?'.

    So, perhaps someone can enlighten me as to why Jessica always seems to get the blame for everything? :shrugs:
  9. i know! i'm not a fan of either jessica s. or nick l., but nick seems to be painted in a more forgiving light than she. i don't think nick's not accompanying her made the marriage end; there's more to this story on both sides, IMO!
  10. While I don't believe this oh so heart-warming story, I am convinced that Nick is not 100% blameless himself.
  11. It takes two to tango!
  12. I couldn't have said it better!
  13. Looks like daddy was hard at work again cooking up that little piece of DUNG!
  14. ITA!

    Team Nick, all the way!
  15. It's sad to see people breaking up, she obviously knew what she wanted.