Jessica Out & About Yesterday

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  1. [​IMG]

    After lunching at West Hollywood restaurant Le Petit Four Car with a friend on Thursday, Jessica Simpson – with keys in hand – gets ready to hit the road. The charitable pop star will be donating a different set of wheels to a Mexican orphanage next month
  2. okay did i miss something? when did she dye her hair???
  3. i don't like her hair/glasses combo, they seem to clash. also not a fan of her too white sticky outty teeth. after being forced to watch employee of the month by my SO, i'm quite bitter towards her, can't you tell?
  4. she looks HORRIBLE
  5. lol yes
  6. I think her hair color is ok but the sunglasses are weird.
  7. Yeah I'm not liking the glasses with the hair..just clashes.
  8. I am not liking her look right here... is that bag her line? Looks like that or Fiore :shrugs:
  9. I actually like her hair color but since its recent maybe she hasn't adjusted to the difference in the way things such as sunglasses clash with the color. I don't think she looks great here but I would gladly look that "bad"! :p
  10. I don't like her new hair.
  11. Bad everything, hair, bag, sunglasses, jeans, jackets...
  12. You need to check the celebrity forum more often. :p
  13. Don't care for that hair color on her. Donating the car to the Mexican orphanage is a very nice gesture.
  14. She doesn't look great IMO either, seems she needs to wash her hair. I actually like her bag.
  15. this pic makes me want to shampoo her.