Jessica on TRL

  1. July 19th,2006
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    She is totally hot girl:love:
  2. In her underwear? :weird:
  3. Not a fan of that ridiculous outfit but she's still looking good!!
  4. not a fan of the outfit as well but she looks fabulous, IMO.
  5. I really don't like her outfit at all-her hair looks nice though
  6. I think she looks fab and really love the shoes!
  7. yep me too :smile:
  8. Sorry, but if I had the same figure as Jessica Simpson I would wear that outfit too!!! LOL:lol:

    I think she looks cute. its not trashy.
  9. She is still around?:weird:
  10. Pretty much! However i love her shoes...
  11. What is she wearing?
  12. Gosh I feel old.. I remember when TRL first started and everyone had a crush on Carson Daly! :lol:

    And yikes.. Jessica's outfit is.. interesting. LOL
  13. Her legs are not her best feature.
  14. Yes, and the other one too. :yucky:
    Actually I don't know which one this is anymore? :wtf:
    They have been cloned?!?
    jess or ashlee.jpg
  15. hmmm maybe she wore that outfit because it kinda fits her music video she was there to show. The whole roller skating theme.