Jessica Looks Lovely !

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  4. She looks very glowing and happy. Only suggestion though - perhaps hem the dress a bit so you don't look like a mermaid?
  5. So cute! Great dress!
  6. she looks great. Not feelin' the love with the dress however...
  7. It's good to see the old Jessica back. :smile:
  8. So the boobs are obviously fake?
  9. She looks great :smile:
  10. She looks radiant.
  11. What's wrong with her boobs?

    Anyway, she inspired me to get in shape again.

  12. ITA!! You stole the words out of my mouth, I was telling myself that she looked like a mermaid! She often wears dresses and pants that are too long, she must buy them and love them so much that she needs to wear them the same day!
  13. She looks wonderful!
  14. She hasn't look that good to me in a while, but she looks GREAT here. Don't know about the dress though...
  15. boobs look real to me, but dress is ill-fitting. . . it shouldn't gape out at the breasts. . . . boobs are too big for it, it should lay flatter there.