Jessica Looking Hot!

  1. I think she looks great in these pictures for her upcoming album.:flowers:
    *Pics from*
    sexyjess1.jpg sexyjess2.jpg
  2. She does. She's so slim. The pictures have probably been photoshopped but still she looks hot!
  3. gorgeous photos of her!
    VERY Bardot:yes:
  4. Aside from the distasteful photoshopping she looks great! Very nice outfits she has on. Sexy, not sleazy.
  5. The photoshopping/airbrushing is kinda of distracting but she looks great. :yes:
  6. I want the shoes!
  7. When I saw those pictures I was thinking 'photoshop'. She does look hot though!
  8. she looks really good.
  9. She is hot!
  10. she definitely looks better as compared to other pics.
  11. I think she looks really good in these pics!
  12. Those have been airbrushed to DEATH.....but she looks good.
  13. the shoes are :love::love:
  14. Okay, I want that entire outfit in Photo #1!!! Does anyone know where I can purchase it? What's the designer, etc? Yowza, it's hot!
  15. Great pics but I am still not a fan!