Jessica Leaving Koi Restaurant Last night

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. :yes:
  3. Those are some wild shoes! But she looks cute. :smile:
  4. What's with her expression in the center pic? Otherwise she looks good.
  5. I think she is more famous now for leaving various eateries than doing anything else!:nuts: LOVE the bag though!!!:love:
  6. She looks beautiful, as always.

    Damn, i really want that bag :drool:
  7. she looks weird in the second picture!
    otherwise good as usual.

    By the way is that how short her hair is without the extensions or is she wearing them in these pictures ?
  8. OHHH the RAmona:hysteric:It's sooo beautiful, she looks good, and I'm loving the hooker-heels:wlae: Go Jess
  9. She is wearing extensions. :yes:
  10. I like her hair short, but hate the shoes. They look like hooker shoes.
  11. Yeah! She finally looks good to me! I think she looks best with minimal make-up!
  12. i would think that if your going to wear extensions.. it would be too make it longer REALLY mid-way through your shoulders or something.

    how does her really hair look like then ?
  13. Not everybody where's hair extensions just to have long hair, It can be simply worn to add volume to thin hair. Which is the case here with Jessica.
  14. Irene, you always have the best comments, you crack me up!

    I love the shoes!
  15. i like her bag....