Jessica Kagan Cushman Bangles

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  1. Does anyone own any of these bangles? I think they're so sassy and fun! I watched a recent eBay listing and it ended up going for above retail!

    Also, is it true Chanel ripped off Cushman's design? She now has a bangle that actually says "Ripped off by Chanel." I also read this in the seller's listing but I thought maybe she was fibbing.




  2. I don't know who's came first...her's or Chanel's, but I think making one that says "Ripped off by Chanel" is cheesy. But I guess you've got to cash in while you can :amuse:
  3. ^^Yeah, I tend to agree. I definitely like the other sayings, not that one.
  4. Actually I think the Chanel one is awesome!
  5. I really like them -- but think they look better in photos than IRL. They are kind of rough looking IRL, but maybe that is their charm.
  6. I've seen them IRL also, and they do look a little "rough". I kinda thought it was just that they got knocked around being on display :yucky:, but I guess that is the way they are supposed to be!
  7. Hmmm...regarding the "rough" look about them - do any of you think one color looks better than the other? I actually ordered an ivory one yesterday. I hope it looks alright IRL. :s

    I bought the one that says, "Truly fabulous people never get dressed before lunchtime." LOL! That is so me. :p

    Here's the Neiman Marcus link for them in case anyone wants to see the full sayings on the others:
  8. I LOVE the supercali.. etc one and also the lions and tigers and bears... so cute.
    I think the Chanel rip off one is pretty clever too...
  9. I have never seen these bangles irl, but now im intrigued.
  10. I think I saw these at Anthropologie, and they did look "rough" but I think that's part of their charm. I liked them, but wouldn't shell out that much money for a bangle!
  11. ^^Believe me, I used a 20% off coupon code to order mine online. :p
  12. ^ Ah, gotta love coupon codes!
  13. ^^Ack! The one I ordered is cheaper at Anthropolgie. :push: But thanks for the link My Purse Addiction.

    And thanks for that article love_savvy! Very interesting!! Plus I didn't realize the design stems from scrimshaw artistry. It makes me appreciate them a little more. :yes: