Jessica, J-Lo and Brooke Hogan? Unusual bunch, eh?

  1. Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson and Brooke Hogan chill at J-LO's house in Miami. They sure do look like a bunch of odd-couples...I wonder what do they all have in common that they decided to get together:p



  2. It's pretty hard for me, but I can understand Jessica there, but Brooke Hogan? I'm sorry that's just too much.
    What happened that TomKat wasn't there?

    J.Lo looks great.
  3. Maybe they were in a scientology session:yes:
  4. I love J.Lo's outfit!

  5. that's easy..last weekend was the Super Bowl in Miami - so they were all probably down there for that? Why the trio would be together is beyond me - just like I can't see J.Lo handing out with Katie Holmes but they do? :shrugs:
  6. it feels like Brooke Hogan is soooooo desperate to fit in..

    i just cant picture her there with Jlo and Jessica Simpson. Didnt she talk crap about Jessica and Ashlee last year? She tried to start a feud by saying that Ashlee and Jessica were fake.
  7. Yeah, I know about the Super Bowl etc, but guys they should have some self-respect and don't have to hang out with all "celebrities". What does J.Lo and Jessica or Brooke have in common? :smile:
  8. an odd trio to be sure
  9. JLO looks better as she gets older! I wish I could do that.
  10. If JLO had a party wouldn't you go??? I'd be there. Even if I just wanted to see her beautiful home and mingle with other stars. I don't think they normally "hang out' together.
  11. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. ITA :yes:
  13. Really weird... why didn't they invite me :shrugs:
  14. I think shes trying to make it seem like shes going somewhere. when we all know shes not :rolleyes:
  15. It is an odd bunch for sure but I don't see anything wrong with it, they are all celebrities, both J.Lo and Brooke Hogan have homes in Miami and it was the Super Bowl (where celebrities get together to party and socialize). What is so strange about that? And J.Lo looks good!!!