Jessica is looking

  1. better here. While she and Victoria Principal have lunch in Malibu (05/21/06)
    I love Jessica bag....
  2. What could those two possibly have in common to be having lunch together? Maybe Victoria wants her for her skin care line?

    hmmmm, just a strange combination.
  3. lol I'll be totally honest with you. . .I dont even know who that other lady is LOL I like her paddy though and Jessicas face is really cute in the second picture. Jessicas bag is like studs galore though :/
  4. I think the connection here is that Victoria Principal is married to a plastic surgeon and Jessica's sister just had a nose job. Maybe Jessica is considering having something done?
  5. he he! Victoria was huge in the 80s and 90's, she played Pam Ewing in Dallas, and was seriously gorgeous to look at. Unfortunately, she married a plastic surgeon (and not a great one at that by the look of it!), as she looks seriously puffy in the face abit like the recent pricilla presley piccies!
    I was thinking exactly the same thing too! what were they doing together? maybe the guy with them is Victorias son, and he is dating Jessica ;)
    Will go dig out an old piccie of Ms Principal in her Dallas days!
  6. I think I read somewhere that they are going to make a Dallas movie and that Jessica wants to be in it. Maybe they are talking about that. Or maybe Jessica is dumping Proactiv for Principal Skin Care.
  7. I believe the guy in the photo is Jessica's hair dresser.
  8. i kind of thought the same thing.:hrmm:

  9. its Victoria Principal(sp)

  10. Oooo that could be :roflmfao:

  11. If I had to guess it would be the Dallas remake...Jessica is just adorable.
  12. [​IMG][​IMG]5 of 15
    Jessica Simpson leaves a Malibu restaurant after lunching with hairstylist pal Ken Paves and Dallas star Victoria Principal. The pop singer is reportedly mulling an offer to play a role in the big-screen version of the popular 1980s show.

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    [​IMG]5 of 15

    I guess that explains her outing with VP
  13. She should play "Sammy Jo". Oh wait, that was Dynasty.
  14. She's more of a Lucy than a Pam, to me.
  15. I think Jessica would make a great Lucy.

    BTW, is that a regular black paddy that Victoria Principal is carrying? The straps seem long- it's CUTE!