Jessica In Soho on Tuesday 9/06 No Extensions Looking Good !!!

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  4. I LOVE her hair!!! Too bad she'll probably put those hideous extentions back in. She looks so good without them!
  5. i'm totally liking her boots.. i wonder if they're from her own line??
  6. Yeah, they are mrsjimmyh! She said so during The View! I think her bag is also from her own line. I guess she is pushing her own goods now, since she has been sued sooo many times (that is why her beauty line went kaput, and so did "Princy" her clothing line).
  7. To clarify, Jessica was sued for not wearing clothes from her own clothing line, and supposedly not paying for the initial lot of beauty products the distributor sent to her (apparently they were of lower quality than she expected... but they sold them anyways).
  8. She looks so cute with her short hair!! I love that bag. So it's from her new line?
  9. She does look great
  10. I love that hairstyle, it's one of my favorite.
  11. I love her ring...anyone know who designs it? And her hair does look much better like that. I can't stand her when she's all made up with extensions and such.
  12. i totally love her hair - it just looks so much more re-freshing seeing it nicely cut and short!
  13. She looks good, like her hairstyle too
  14. I noticed that in the first picture her bottom lip is kind of uneven. Collagen injection?
  15. I'm loving her shades and her boots!!