Jessica in Hawaii

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  1. :drool:
    pinkhusband.jpg pinkhusband2.jpg
  2. Thank you Dazzle for the "after-holiday" inspiration! Gotta lose those extra pounds ASAP!
  3. you gotta love her bod

    gah, sooo envious!
  4. She looks great. Unlike many other celebrities she's not skinny, and still she looks better than the hollywood skeletons like nichole richie, misha barton etc.
  5. she has an amazing body- she is thin, but not gaunt at all... she is really womanly! Love it!
  6. wow
  7. She looks amazing!
  8. Wow.. she's hot !
  9. That is going to be my inspiration for the new year! She has an amazing body. Thanks for posting!!
  10. Wow her body is amazing! The arms are a little too muscular for my tastes, other than that, her body is perfect!
  11. I wish I had that kind of body, well time to work out:roflmfao:
  12. *****.

    (can you tell- I'm just a tad jealous LOL!)
  13. Nice beach, nice figure, gorgeous swim suit!
  14. She looks amazing!
  15. She looks great (as I'm wolfing down Tootsie Rolls from my daughter's secret stash). Sigh.......