Jessica For Maxim Magazine

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. she looks too airbrushed. like her soooo much better as a blonde!
  3. ITA
  4. I absolutely hate these pics and that fake tan really sucks.:throwup:
  5. I think she looks amazing...I like her as a blonde as well.

    What is so great about being young is you can transform into so many looks and come out looking great. You usually have beautiful skin and a great body when you are look fresh with change. It is harder to get away with that as you age.
  6. I don't like her fake tan either and I don't like the outfit in the first pic or her hair or her pose.
  7. she looks gorgeous ... both brunette and Blonde
  8. i ABSOLUTELY hate her lips. in what world is a fake pout cute? not this one.
  9. She used to look so much prettier. It seems like she's trying to hard when she doesn't need to. She looks prettier when she looks natural with her blond hair.
  10. Those are gorgeous! She looks so much classier as a brunette and it really softens out her features.
  11. these photos of her are not the best
  12. Hate her hair!:yucky:
  13. :yes:
  14. the 2nd picture is quite cool in my opinion. But I absolutely hate the 1st photo! AND I hate her lips.. soooo unnatural.
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I totally agree..what is with her lips? She's pouting on purpose and it makes her look rediculous.