Jessica defends daddy Joe !

  1. Is she just plain stupid or what ?

    MSN - News - Hot Gossip

    Jessica Simpson seems to be the only one who doesn't find her dad Joe's fixation with her copious cup size completely icky. When asked by Jane magazine whether she was bothered by his now infamous declaration about her double-D's ("You can't cover those suckers up!"), she immediately leaps to his defense.
    "No, I've had double-D's for a long time," Jess helpfully points out. "Are you kidding? No. My family is extremely close. I talk to my mom about my sex life. That's not something that creeps me out."
    According to the pneumatic bombshell, the former minister-turned-micromanager's boob assessment is merely a geographical quirk.
    "We're Podunk Southern," says Simpson in a statement that will likely elicit loud groans from below the Mason-Dixon line. "And my dad is very open about his ideas and ... it's disgusting that people would actually think ... People are making a judgment on something that is false." And future suitors take note: Jessica says she has no intention of cutting ties with her string-pulling pop, who was purportedly the proverbial third wheel in her doomed union to Nick Lachey. Proclaims the career- and coif-makeover-needing starlet, "I believe that my dad is, and will go down in history as, one of the best managers in the business."

  2. "....and besides, daddy says I'm the best kisser!"

    -National Lampoons Vacation
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  6. OMG!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. Now that makes me wonder if kissing is the only thing he thinks she does well KWIM.
  8. ew. :throwup:
  9. Ewwww!!
  10. EEEEEEWWWW. And talking to her Mom about her sex life? I don't get that either <ducking and hiding> Mom and I are close but we uhhhh just don't go there.

    Nice one on best kisser, bagnshoo!!
  11. I would be MORTIFIED if my dad made a comment about my breast size, or referred to them as "suckers".
    I have never, and will never, discuss my sex life with my mom. But, I'm a northerner.
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  13. My mom is from the South, and she would be appalled if I even tried to discuss my sex life with her!
  14. OMG Shoo eeeewwww LMAO:roflmfao:
  15. ITA

    You know, they say true love is blind...I guess that's true even if it's your daddy...:throwup: