jessica:bikini crazy!

  1. she is a crazy woman:yes:
    jessica_simpson_bikini_pink_2_big.jpg jessica_simpson_bikini_pink_5_big.jpg jessica_simpson_bikini_pink_7_big.jpg jessica_simpson_bikini_pink_9_big.jpg jessica_simpson_bikini_pink_big.jpg
  2. If I had a body like that I'd go around running and screaming too. :lol:
    I know she used to have real breasts...but those look fake? I'm not against plastic surgery but I thought her real boobs were refreshing. The nipple and boob in general is placed really high on her chest.
  3. i think its real :smile: the bikini is just kinda tied on tightly up there and might be coz she's jumping about like a jelly bean in these pics. :smile:
  4. Jessica has a gorgeous body, her boobs do look a little perky..
  5. I thought she had boob lift while back after loosing so much weight..whateva..
  6. She certainly doesn't look preggo in these pictures.
  7. those boobs are not real! ita just not possible!
  8. What happened to all the butt she had in Dukes of Hazzard, did they stuff her pants, hehe.
  9. In the third picture-is she holding a bottle of booze?
  10. Her boobs have always been huge. It's probly just the top.
  11. She is hot, beautiful, gorgeous! I would run around like a crazy woman if I looked that amazing too!!! Vanessa has nothing on you Jess! You go girl!
  12. wow she's got quite the body to do so.
  13. she looks good
  14. Is she supposedly preggo?? I havent heard that.
  15. lol it looks like she is jumping around