Jessica Biel's new dark 'do'!

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  1. What do you think? I think it's not flattering, it washes her out a little IMO.


    [​IMG] Oliver Hadlow-Martin/Splash News
    We’ve been so focused on how great Jessica Biel looks offscreen — with her chic bags and dresses — that we forgot that she would have to go back to work some day! For her role in Powder Blue, which she started filming this week, the actress has dyed her normally dark blonde hair to a rich chocolate brown. And it’s a huge difference, making her green eyes pop out even more.
  2. I like her with lighter hair.
  3. ^^ same here.
  4. I like it. It looks like my hair.
  5. I love the cut!! (color...not so much)
  6. for me it's not the color. . . it's the color on her, seems to make her pale:shrugs:
  7. ^^ ITA Swanky! She needs a few highlights.. something to soften/brighten it up a little. Either that or get a tan.
  8. She's still pretty but I like her with lighter hair. She kinda looked washed up in this photo but maybe a touch of makeup would help.
  9. I think i prefered her old hair color and style.
  10. I love it. It makes her yes look great.
  11. I like the cut...not the color. too dark for her.
  12. It washes her out, not her color definately.
  13. I agree, too dark for her.
  14. I think highlights would help. It doesn't appear that she is wearing much make-up. I would have never recognized her if Swanky didn't tell me who she is.
  15. I actually think she looks better with darker hair. Of course she isn't wearing a lot of makeup though, so that might be the reason she appears a little pale.