Jessica Biel's Gryson

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  1. Check out Jessica Biel with her Gryson bag!!!
    Jessica Beil1.JPG jessica beil2.JPG
  2. Very lovely! Is it a woven Olivia?
  3. Yes, she's wearing the woven olivia
  4. there's another bag I want! Where does it end????
  5. I'm pretty sure that that is the woven Olivia. Personally, and this is just me, I don't like the black woven as much as the normal plain black leather Olivia. The black Olivia is on sale here.

    Plus you can use the code Rare20 for 20% off of that price to make it half price!
  6. I don't nearly like the black woven as I do my Blue Jean one. I think I agree the regular Olivia in Black would be better.

  7. Exactly, Lexie. Your blue woven Gryson is really good looking. But I just don't like it in the black....regular leather is just better in that color.
  8. I noticed that just marked down their Olivia even more. If you use the Rare20 code then you get it for more than 50% off! Definitely worth checking out!