Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake

  1. I can't believe that they chose her as the sexiest woman alive....NO.
  2. i'm confused :huh:
    is this the same person they will name that we've been talking about in this thread? i thought it wasn't supposed to be announced yet?
  3. Nope. Jessica Biel was '05 winner, Angelina Jolie was '04 winner. The '06 winner won't be announced until this November.
  4. Gotcha! ;)
  5. OMG, I just can't believed what I've seen......
    it's just too good to be true............
    I knew that she is a hottie, but not that hot until I saw these ....
    she's not the most beautiful woman in the world, but with an ass like that she's surely can make any man down to their knees.........
    J-lo and Beyonce better beware.........

  6. Whoa... :wtf: She does have a JLo's ass!
  7. did she have it before? or did it just pop out of nowhere?
  8. since when did Jessica grow that? she really beautiful, but don't remember her having a biggish bottom.
  9. Butt implant??!! :roflmfao: I think it's because that dress is really thin and shear.
  10. that looks really, really unnatural..
  11. I just saw that pic today on E! She looked great in that dress but they didn't show her from behind. She's got a beautiful figure. I think girls are supposed to have a full and shapely derrieres. There's nothing wrong with it at all. Since when did flat asses become desireable??? Jenninfer Lopez has a fantastic figure, too. I don't understand the obsession with women to be so thin.

    Frankly, there's too much emphasis on body types and self worth based on looks to begin with. If young women focused on their education and living a life of substance, there wouldn't be so many people with eating disorders. There also wouldn't be so many women in bad relationships.

    The practice of self worth based on more than the physical is the direction we should be going. Admiring someone for their physical beauty is great but I see too many young women with an obscurred vision of what is beautiful. Ladies are doing a great disservice to themselves when there is no balance in how they view themselves.

    Oh my, I've been rambling. :p
  12. she looks great in the dress but i don't remember her with that JLo ass on 7th heaven. that dress really make her figure looks great.
  13. well i'm not saying it's not great to have a curvy figure, it's just that i've never seen her with that butt before... it just doesn't look natural on HER
  14. She looks great but her butt looks fake (not saying that it is, just looks that way).

    She looks gorgeous in these pictures though
  15. Yowza!