Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake

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  1. Hum... I don't know about that. Sure, she has some defining features on her face, but she looks more like she has been lifting some heavy weights with the boys then working on looking feminine and like what I would imagine the sexiest woman alive to be.


    Hey, maybe we are moving on from the twiggy look to muscular. Who know, but Jessica Biel sure wouldn't be my pick for THE SEXIEST Woman ALIVE!! :huh:
  2. When you're choosiest the sexiest woman, shouldn't the operative word be woman?
    I don't get it. Everyone knows the sexiest woman alive is Salma Hayek:

    I have such a girl crush on her - I mean look at those shoes!
  3. Definitely not who I'd have picked. Shes just to plain to me. I'd have thought it would be someone like Angelina.
  4. Angelina was picked last year - I guess they wanted someone younger (and less interesting) this year.
  5. ohhh hehe yeah, I don't keep up :biggrin: Should have chosen someone who could carry the torch though, but I guess its hard to find someone to fill Angelina's shoes!
  6. Jessica Biel??? Why not Jennifer Aniston just for kicks? (lol - since it was A. Jolie last year)
  7. I think she looks great. She doesn't look like one of those fitness competitors (hello, steroids), but she's got great muscle definition. But I don't think she's the sexiest woman alive. Angelina Jolie gets my vote for that :love:
  8. Jessica Alba does it for me.
  9. monica belluci or for someone younger mischa barton
  10. If they wanted a "Jessica" Simpson would have been better. Sure the magazine pic looks fab...we all know they could make anyone look that good with all of the digital enhancing they do now. Don't expect any picture of a celebrity to actually just be them with great hair & makeup professionally done and perfect light settings, they are all digitally manulipated!

    I also agree Salema is must sexier, Hallie Berry, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba anyone!
  11. Totally agree!! Hands down...Angelina Jolie but Salma, Jessica Alba or what about Charlize Theron???? She is probably one of the prettiest actresses in Hollywood right now.
  12. Barf! Yeah, maybe if she were the ONLY woman alive . . .
  13. Why not Catherine Zeta Jones? ::thinking of Zorro, the movie::
  14. Ii told my BF if there was one female movie star I'd want to be with, it's her. :nuts: