Jessica Biel Bag

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  1. Biel's bags are always hard to ID !! anyone know?

  2. I was just doing a Biel search, this is Diane von Furstenberg! Very late answer, but yes :smile:
  3. Yes, it's the DVF Stephanie bag. I love and want it!
  4. This is the kind of bag that (imo) doesn't appear well on the website pix but looks fabulous when on a real live person. And I want it too.
  5. Agree that it doesn't look that great in the pic but in person- Gorgeous! I have the medium size in gold, been literally wearing it non stop since I got it last week!
  6. Hi I didnt realsie it comes in different sizes. Is it straw like or metal?
  7. ^^^Looking at that pic and the price, it looks like the small size. It is knitted leather, it's heavy, but totally manageable. I got mine from, they have the large for pre-order and the medium in gold and magenta. I think the gold may be sold out for the moment. I had the magenta as well but sent it back, given the size and the shape, I think it looks best in gold. It is an awesome bag!
  8. The NY store thinks they may have found the last one in the gold/medium size! I'll know in a couple of days. But, if anyone wants the larger size, shopbop has it online.
  9. Thanks, I am drooling. If it is heavy, small may be a good choice.
  10. It is amazing!!!!! I have the large and can not put it down. It does weigh a bit, but not crazy heavy!
  11. thanks guys :smile: it is beautiful
  12. I wanted it in the medium size, but since that size seemed to be sold out everywhere, I ordered it in the larger size from Bergdorfs. Now I am having buyer's remorse because it was so expensive and I have not even tried it on in person yet before, but I am sure I will feel better about it when I have it in my hands!
  13. The large is really a cool size. All the celebs are carrying the large. It is different from any bag I have ever owned, but different in a good way :yes: