Jessica Biel and Urban Outfitters

  1. I love that she is wearing inexpensive boots.. but unforunatly i can't say i like the actual boot..

    I prefer vintage boots for a bargain!
  2. Sammydoll, I am totally with you on the vintage boots preference :}

    I would like Biel's boots more if they were not suede, but I'm just not a fan of suede. I like the color though!
  3. I actually like her boots...I'm just not a fan of her outfit with the boots
  4. And out of curiosity, where do you guys go to find vintage boots??
  5. I agree on the vintage boot tip. I just go to my favorite thrift stores in the suburbs or country. They're less picked over than those in cities and cheaper too! If I'm buying worn shoes, I want them to be cheap. lol