Jessica At The Grocery Store:

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  2. I think she looks cute here! Just like a normal gal getting some food!

  3. I agree. I really like her look in those pics. Definitely something I would wear (for once! :rolleyes: ).
  4. she looks great there - love it!
  5. She is so naturally pretty, i think she overdoes it with the makeup
  6. You're right!! In her Dessert Treats ads she ended up looking drag queen-ish!!

    She's so naturally beautiful, she should focus on that and get rid of the fugly fake tans, shredded extenstions, excessive body oil on the legs, and just be the way she was when she got all her fans (those non-star moments on Newlyweds!). :yes:
  7. I love her look in those pics
  8. She looks so cute!! And oh oh oh!!! I have the same shirt as her!!! LOL
  9. She looks great! Love the outfit.
  10. I agree, Jessica is a natural beauty who doesnt need all that much makeup!
  11. she looks cute! :biggrin:
  12. She looks wonderful and I love Ralph's!
  13. i love jessica simpson!!!! i wish i had her bag collection!!!:yes:
  14. I love her hair now! Her outfit is cute and casual. Very pretty~ :heart:
  15. I totally agree about the makeup - I think she looks gorgeous without it, and rather trashy when it's overdone. Can anyone ID the bag? I like that it looks like it can be worn on the shoulder too...